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Interview with Ribbons of Red

I had such a great time interviewing Renee Swigert of Ribbons of Red. She has been such an inspiration to me as a web designer! Her site is also one of my favorites.

Meg: Hi Renee, we are huge fans of your work at Studio Sweet Studio! Tell our readers what it is that you do.

Renee: You all are too sweet! I am the owner and lead designer of Ribbons of Red (, a custom design studio located in Cincinnati, Ohio. I create logos, print, and websites/blogs for the photography industry. I get a kick out of helping photographers grow their businesses and find their ideal clients through beautiful, personal design!

Meg: Your personal branding, especially your website, is flawless and amazing. Do you think it’s important for designers to have a more advanced site than a regular Cargo Collective website?

Renee: *blush* I wholeheartedly believe that everyone and every business is unique. Everyone has a story to tell. And while I think templates are great for those who are just starting out and are still growing into their style, I believe that one website template does not fit all. There’s only so much you can do with a template, but with a custom designed site—the sky is truly the limit! The custom designs I create for my clients allow me to pack their design full of their personality and style without limitations. Whatever idea we have, we can create! Their website or blog design is basically their personality, loves, style, and story rolled up into one gorgeous piece. By visiting their website or blog, their clients feel like they’ve already met them—before they even have. That type of real emotion is something you just can’t achieve with a template.

Meg: You offer logos, print design, and web design services. Which is your favorite to do?

Renee: That’s like asking a mother to choose her favorite kid! Ha ha. ;) I love designing websites and blogs the best! They are much larger scale projects than logos or print design, so it allows me to focus on the “big picture” of a brand and pack each design with lots of personal details.

Meg: What are some of your favorite fonts used today?

Renee: I am in love with the font ‘Mrs Eaves’. It’s a staple of mine because it’s so versatile. I’ve used it in all types of sites from vintage to sophisticated. It works great as a main or secondary font.

Meg: What is your favorite trend in web design right now?

Renee: Oh gosh, I really try to stay away from design trends, to be honest! I am really big on creating things that play to each of my clients’ unique personalities. Staying away from trends ensures that what I create for each photographer will get them longevity, and not be outdated within a year or two. I know what’s hip, but I try to zig when others zag!

Meg: What is your least favorite trend in design?

Renee: Texturing that is overused and added to everything!

Meg: Tell us about your workspace, is it ideal?

Renee: I migrated to a home office just last year. I’m actually in the process of fixing it up as we speak! I’m going to paint it red and make one entire wall a whiteboard, from the floor to the ceiling. I have a laundry list of things I want to hang on the walls from old trinkets to photos. I am especially excited to hang some of the photos Lexi Vornberg took for my Ribbons of Red styled shoot. You can find a ton of her photos sprinkled throughout my website. They mean a lot to me, because the shoot was styled in memory of my grandma, who I started my business after.

Meg: If you weren’t designing, what profession do you think you would have?

Renee: I would be a Marine Biologist, for sure. I am fascinated by nature and love animals! 

Meg: Anything else our readers should know about you?

Renee: “Ribbons of Red” is actually a song my grandma wrote. I remember her singing it around her house when I was a kid. I started my business the year she passed away. You can read our story here if you like! 

All images: Ribbons of Red

Studio Tour: Meg of Studio Sweet Studio

Over the past few months Tuesday and I moved to new states and new studios! Tuesday moved from Minneapolis to Brooklyn and I moved from Chicago to Minneapolis. Needless to say, we both nearly lived in the same city…but not quite!

"My new studio is the best thing ever. For the first time I finally have a room dedicated to being a home office/workspace in my apartment. Formally it is a sunroom, but I’ve filled it with some plants, electronics, and even some lanterns! It’s such an inspirational space that I’ve made into my own by adding some of my favorite colors.

Until I can start coworking, this space will do just fine! It certainly makes going to “work” a lot more fun. Even though I just moved in a month ago, and the space is certainly still in progress, I think I’ve made it into a special creative space quickly!”

Images: Meg Lewis