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'Do Good, Help Others' from Help Ink on Vimeo.

Tuesday Bassen’s Process Video

Our very own Tuesday Bassen recorded her process for the Help Ink poster campaign. Help Ink sells posters made exclusively for them by selected designers and donates a portion of the proceeds toward a charity! 

Tuesday’s poster is called “Doing Good, Helping Others" and benefits Feeding America.

Buy it here!

Studio Tour: Tuesday of Studio Sweet Studio

Now let’s have a look at Tuesday’s Minneapolis home studio!

"I live in a tiny studio apartment and work at my built-in kitchen table mostly, though I often find myself illustrating or editing in my bed and on the floor of my bedroom/living room; I feel lucky because my work is very portable and can work almost anywhere! I love being in my apartment because of the abundant natural light and incredible sound-proofing. I almost never have to turn on my overhead lights and rarely hear my neighbors or outside noise, which is amazing because I live on a very busy street with tons of restaurants. I don’t know that I can say the same for my noise though, I listen to my music late into the night and am sure that my building curses me for the HOURS and HOURS of 90′s rap and shoe-gaze. Sorry guys! I also love my apartment because I am surrounded by things that remind me of my family and of my hometown in Nebraska–I have an abundance of quilts, jars, wooden (and slightly crooked) furniture, and curtains that I made with my Grandmother. Though I think that my space is cohesive, it is not specially curated for my current living situation. I think of it as a small cumulation of things that I think are beautiful and sentimental or disgusting enough to hold my interest.

Like Meg, I spend lots of time at my desk working on freelance projects, homework, and personal illustration, so I find it helpful to keep a library of inspiring printed ephemera. A few of my favorites include my collection of German Garbage Pail Kid Cards (Die Total Kaputten Kids!), British cigarette cards, Meat Cake by Dame Darcy, and an assortment of illustrated zines.”

And if you were wondering, yes, I do work under a giant portrait of myself; I also sleep under a smaller illustrated Tuesday portrait. You can thank my friends Candace Graves and Brittany Burton for that.

Be sure to check out Tuesday’s portfolio!

Images: Tuesday Bassen