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Skillshare Class - FTW!

Last week our Intro to UI design Skillshare class came to an end. It was pretty scary teaching a class for the first time, but the ease of Skillshare made everything a little less terrifying. In the end, the students were absolutely spectacular and their projects were even more amazing! As part of the curriculum we are to choose our favorite 3 projects from the class. After a ton of deliberation, we had it narrowed down to 3 (pictured above). There are so many great projects that we want to feature them all. Take a look at the winning and runner up projects. Click onto their projects and give them feedback if you’d like!


San Franola by Jensen Luther

Mother Tongue by Ria Mcllwraith

DogDates by Nikki Lee

Runner up:

The Find by David Broderick

Swizzle by Emma Holder

J.B. Signature Soaps by David Poninski

Cupcaked by Eva Black

Gringo by Adam Lorber

Studio Tour: Meg of Studio Sweet Studio

Over the past few months Tuesday and I moved to new states and new studios! Tuesday moved from Minneapolis to Brooklyn and I moved from Chicago to Minneapolis. Needless to say, we both nearly lived in the same city…but not quite!

"My new studio is the best thing ever. For the first time I finally have a room dedicated to being a home office/workspace in my apartment. Formally it is a sunroom, but I’ve filled it with some plants, electronics, and even some lanterns! It’s such an inspirational space that I’ve made into my own by adding some of my favorite colors.

Until I can start coworking, this space will do just fine! It certainly makes going to “work” a lot more fun. Even though I just moved in a month ago, and the space is certainly still in progress, I think I’ve made it into a special creative space quickly!”

Images: Meg Lewis

Studio Tour: Meg of Studio Sweet Studio

It’s time to show off our own spaces here at Studio Sweet Studio. Since Meg & Tuesday live in two very different cities, it’s going to be nice to show the difference between our habitats. Today we’re starting off with Meg’s home studio in Chicago!

"My space is tucked inside our bedroom. I share the space with my domestic partner designer Brad Evans. Our favorite feature is our incredibly tall ceilings. We have windows that reach to the very top so our apartment is always sunny! We like to surround ourselves with things that make us happy while we work. That usually means prints, plants and candles! When I’m not working at my desktop, I’m in the living room on my laptop with a hot cup of coffee. Since I work as a web designer, blogger at Apartment Therapy and Studio Sweet Studio…I spend hours upon hours at my desk. It’s so important for me to live in an inspirational environment!”

Make sure to check out Meg’s portfolio! Check back next saturday for Tuesday’s Studio Tour!

Images: Meg Lewis & Brad Evans