6 Common Home Plumbing Problems That Plumbers Can Fix

Problems that involve plumbing fixtures in your home can occur anytime and cause inconvenience to residents or damage furniture/personal effects. Depending on the severity of a plumbing problem, you may have to hire a professional plumber to fix it. Here are six common problems that plumbers can fix:

Clogged Drainage Pipes

Drainage pipes especially those that drain water from the kitchen and bathroom can clog leaving you to contend with smelly and filthy water puddles.In such a case, a qualified plumber can diagnose and remove items preventing water from moving freely. This involves use of suction equipment as well as unscrewing and cleaning of affected piping. Although you could use a plunger to dislodge items clogging drainage pipes, you are likely to solve the problem temporarily. It is also not advisable to use caustic chemicals because they tend to damage drainage pipes over time.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are a huge problem in the United States. Figures published by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that the average home loses 10,000 gallons of water annually through leaky pipes. This translates to money down the drain because you have to pay for water you never use. To solve this problem, a plumber can use invasive or non-invasive methods to identity leaky pipes. Invasive methods involve excavating the ground to determine water leakage points. On the other hand, non-invasive methods involve the use of electronic equipment to identify exact point where water leakage is occurring. This approach does away with the hassle of digging the entire length of a drainage/water pipe to identify the source of a leak.

Running Toilet

A running toilet is another common problem that a plumber can fix. It involves continuous running of water into the bowl long after you have flushed it. In most cases, the problem is a faulty water tank part such as flapper valve that requires repair or replacement. Unless you have a background in plumbing, hire a professional plumber to fix this problem.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure causes water to trickle instead of gush after opening a tap. This makes it hard to take a shower or perform household chores like washing dishes. Common causes of low water pressure include sediment build-up on faucet aerators or a major leak somewhere along the main water pipe leading into your home. If you experience such a problem, call a licensed plumber to pinpoint the problem and fix it.

Faulty Water Heaters

Water heaters in your home can break down meaning you would be unable to take a hot shower. When diagnosing this problem, a plumber will probe your water heating system to ensure it is working properly, check hot water piping for blockages, as well as check for leakages in hot water storage tank. A problem in any of these areas could make life hard especially in winter.

Installing New Plumbing Lines

A qualified and licensed plumber is the right person to hire if you would like to install new plumbing lines in your house. This could be after a home renovation/remodeling project or when replacing old piping.


Plumbers can perform a wide range of jobs in and around your home. These include installing new plumbing lines, unclogging blocked drainage pipes, repairing faulty water heaters, fixing continuously running toilets, as well as diagnosing and fixing low water pressure problems. When hiring one, make sure he/she has undergone training and has a license to operate in your state.

Occasions Where A Gift Hamper Can Serve As The Perfect Gift

There are times when you are invited to a housewarming party and you can think of nothing else to give but the usual potted plant. While plants can be great, they tend to be boring and everyone gives them. For a truly unique gift, why not give a gift hamper instead?

A gift hamper is the perfect gift for a housewarming party because you can put virtually anything in it to suit the occasion, the family or couple receiving it. This makes it easy to personalize your gift. Whether it’s a gift hamper full of kitchen linen or a starter kit of spices and dried herbs, you can create a thoughtful and unique gift that any recipient would love.

Other Occasions Where a Gift Hamper Comes in Handy:

A gift hamper can come in handy for Christmas especially if you are stumped about what to give to a close friend or family member. Ditch the usual Christmas sweater or socks and give a mix of edibles instead, from chocolates to cookies and cinnamon buns. You can also gift a wine hamper which the recipient can use for his holiday dinners. If you know his or her hobbies you can stock the hamper with a few items related to this hobby for a truly personalized present.

Christenings and baby showers
A gift hamper can be extremely useful for christenings and baby showers. Give a gift hamper full of baby clothes or mix clothes, pillows, bottles and even diapers for variety. This is a functional and thoughtful gift that frazzled new parents will appreciate.

First Birthdays
Most kids will not remember their first birthdays so why not give gifts that will be useful later on. Fill the hamper with books, a few toys and even stuffed toys. This is a great gift idea that not only looks great but also will provide a lot of use when baby grows older.

Adult birthdays
If you have an adult friend having a birthday and you want to break off from the tradition of giving one, costly gift, break it down by filling a gift hamper with smaller items that are fun yet useful. Tailor the theme according to the person’s tastes or likes, from chocolates to calligraphy sets, photobooks or a cheap camera with a few rolls of film. If you have no budget for too many items, choose a smaller hamper so you can easily fill it up.

If you are the one hosting an event, small gift hampers can serve as the perfect giveaway solution. Fill them up with mason jars filled with candy, chocolate boxes, or different colors of homemade soap and home-made room fresheners. Tailor the items to the occasion being celebrated. For example, if you are holding a workshop on natural home cleaning solutions, you can include sprays made of lemon, basil and baking soda, homemade potpourri sachets and scented candles.

A gift hamper is versatile, affordable and very easy to put together. If you are looking for an inexpensive yet thoughtful way of giving gifts, start giving with a gift hamper.

Great Easter Gift Options

Gifts for Easter is something that people tend to find very difficult because of the fact that this occasion has become such an important part of the culture that exists within society today. When you keep in mind the importance of this holiday, it can be very difficult to determine what the right gift is going to be for someone on your list. Very often, this results in simply getting the same thing for every family member on your list, but this is something that you do not have to give into. In fact, celebrating Easter the right way would be simply a matter of taking into account the different personalities that exist within your family and finding a unique option for each of them. Chocolates in the shape of Easter eggs would be a classic gift idea for any child on your list, these are simply a timeless option. Additionally, you can find eggs that are filled with things such as caramel, chocolate or a variety of other things. There are also dark chocolate eggs in addition to milk chocolate options and even white chocolate, these offer a simple way to put a smile on the face of any person that you care about. Bunnies offer another amazing idea for someone that is in the market for a classic approach that people are going to enjoy, you can find bunnies filled with all of the filling choices in addition to a wide variety of candies in order to put a smile on the face of any person you come across.

Chocolate is an amazing gift because it does not place you in a mold when it comes to the gifts that you can find. Instead, there are so many different choices that every person on your list would find to be appealing at a chocolate gift supplier such as Tastebuds. Dark chocolate has many health benefits, this makes it a great choice when you want to celebrate this occasion. Truffles would be a classy choice that you may want to give to the adults on your list, these are ideal for developing business relationships. Additionally, you may want to consider buying a gift box that includes a wide variety of different chocolates for the person to enjoy. Having the element of surprise work to you advantage is a great way to ensure that the person gets a gift they are going to enjoy. Quality can make all of the difference when it comes to the chocolate that you are buying, this is something that you should remember. When buying chocolate for Easter, you want to go with high quality products. Buying a gift basket or tasty tin of chocolates would be a great way to celebrate this special day and let the person know that you care about them.